23 - 24 Aspiring Superintendent Cohort

The program includes four days of interactive workshops

Quality leadership is essential for school districts to succeed. One of MASA's objectives is to seek out educational leaders who have the qualities needed to guide school districts to greater levels of success.

The Aspiring Superintendent cohort is designed to provide a wide variety of in-depth learning opportunities to help prepare leaders to become viable candidates for the superintendent role or other central office administrative positions.

What to expect: Interactive learning experiences focused on the following topics:

  • Attributes of a high-quality superintendent
  • Building experiences into your current position that will improve your market value
  • Preparing your family for the changes that will come
  • Understanding what search firm consultants and school boards look for during the process
  • Ethical decisions in a real world
  • Fostering quality Board / Superintendent relations.
  • Building leadership capacity in you and others
  • The art of engaging others in mission, vision and goal setting for the school community
  • Creating balance in all that you do
  • Q & A with current superintendents from around the state
  • Developing the skills for researching a district's data that you are interested in pursuing
  • Participation in and review of mock interviews with experienced professionals
  • Peer review of current resume, letters of introduction and entry plans
  • Addressing culture district-wide
  • Evaluating members of a leadership team
  • Impacting your team with professional development
  • Understanding and prioritizing finances

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